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When you present your enrollment application (at or following your Pre-Enrollment Interview), you are required to make a $100 non-refundable deposit. The deposit reserves your place in our next session. You must pay the remaining tuition balance before the start of the session. See advisor for other possibilities. See Costs and Payment plans here.

No way! We have our own dedicated classroom and dedicated dental operatories, solely for ADAPT (100%).

Many offices want you to know the basics and often once you have the skills down of a dental assistant, we have learned, from our graduates, that offices will help cross train their new dental assistants. While we teach you the basics, many of our students have been hired at specialty offices like Orthodontics, Oral Sugery, Pediatrics, and have even been cross trained on the job with offices needing help with insurance, billing and office management.

Never! We will remember you and you can reach out at anytime. Text us 24/7 If we're awake, we'll answer.

Call ADAPT at 513.486.2077 to set up a Pre-Enrollment Interview and facility tour. We have several times and dates usually available, so that we can accommodate your schedule. After your Pre-Enrollment Interview, you’ll have all the information and forms you need to enroll.

Dental assisting is a rewarding career filled with opportunities for growth and critical thinking. There is a high demand for dental assistants. Job opportunities are soaring and you can start working in as little as ten weeks!

ADAPT partners with many local dentists in the area who offer job opportunities to our students. ADAPT provides a high level interviewing and resume building class taught by business specialists to help you prepare for your exciting new career!

We accept tuition payments in cash, personal check, or credit card (MasterCard and Visa). If you are in need of financial assistance, ADAPT has partnered with other banks and lending institutions in the region, and can refer you to someone who can help with your financial needs. Please ask for more information about this when you call to make your Pre-Enrollment Interview appointment at 513.486.2077 Our team is here to assist you!

Yes! ADAPT offers Grants through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). We also partner with other organizations in Ohio and continue to search out new partners to help our students graduate debt free. Read about WIOA here

Settlement and Cancellation Policy: An enrollment agreement may be cancelled within five calendar days after the date of signing, provided the school is notified of the cancellation in writing. The school shall promptly refund in full all tuition and fees paid pursuant to the enrollment agreement. Such refund shall be made no later than thirty days after cancellation. Refund Policy: ADASA uses the refund policy as established in the Ohio Administrative Rule 3332-1-10: A student who starts class and officially withdraws before the period is: • 10% completed (before the end of Class 1) will be obligated for 25% • 20% completed (before the end of Class 2) will be obligated for 50% • 30% completed (before the end of Class 3) will be obligated for 75% of the tuition plus registration fee

Your textbook, workbook, and supporting instructional materials are provided as part of the cost of tuition.

You will need to purchase the required program uniform, which is a Royal Blue standard lab coat, Royal blue Pants, and orange ADAPT t-shirt.

ADAPT will provide you with a list of resources where you can purchase your required uniform. You will receive an adapt t-shirt at the time of enrollment acceptance.

Yes. The ADAPT program is structured to give you primarily hands-on experience in a real office environment.

ADAPT provides the experience to enable the assistant to do every procedure and task within their allowable limits of a dental assistant. The ADAPT program was designed to give our dental assistants what other programs lack. REAL SKILLS, CORRECT TRAINING!

You will be eligible to start interviewing day 1. We suggest beginning your job search when you feel comfortable.

Dental assisting is in high demand. Our classes are limited to a number of students so we can provide the attention and care. our students deserve. Call now 513.486.2077.

Mastering the basics program offers the terminology, skills, and background to get a job in the field of dentistry and start your new career, but the Beyond the basics provides a more expanded knowledge base for some of the most recent technology like CAD CAM, IV sedation training, and Orthodontics. This is where we challenge you to become the best that you can be in dentistry! Learn what to say, what not to say, efficiency, accuracy, and confidence in clinical skills.Multiple opportunities to refine an define your new skills!